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Denny Wiggers Landscaping and Garden Center

Denny Wiggers Landscaping and Garden Center located in Bergen County proudly serves North NJ and NYC for 30 years as a full service garden center, nursery, and professional landscaping company. All our trees, plants, and shrubs are specifically suited for the northeast area as well as our perennials and annuals. Let us design and install a beautiful landscape with your vision and our guidance. From something simple as a blue stone walkway to a Zen garden or a babbling waterfall, we can create the look you have always dreamed of. Our staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Whether you're a beginning gardener, or a seasoned professional, we'll take the time you need to answer all of your questions and help you choose the right materials for your project. We carry standard and specialty topsoil, mulch, pavers, and gravels for residential and commercial landscaping and gardening projects for both homeowners and landscapers. Although firewood is traditionally thought of as a winter product, at Denny Wiggers, we carry premium, seasoned firewood all year long. For your fireplace, wood-burning stove, fire pit or lighting a campfire, Denny Wiggers seasoned firewood can accommodate your needs.

As in 1921, the original full service florist area still exists in the main part of the building. Our signature natural bouquets and centerpieces are one of a kind and can be tailored to your specifications. Floral Delivery residential and commercial included as well as floral delivery to George Washington Cemetery. Please stop by and visit us at 387 Paramus Road Paramus, NJ. 201-444-0155

Firewood Delivery Service

Firewood Delivery for full cords and half cords are available for purchase online. Please be rest assured, purchasing firewood online is only an option. You will always be able to phone, fax, or order online with different payment method such as, credit card, check or COD. All credit cards accepted. New Jersey and New York firewood customers welcome!


Mulch from Denny Wiggers is ground from hardwood trees such as Maples,Oaks, Birch and Hickory. The Natural is a great seller as well as Black and Red. The colors are organically and naturally dyed giving our customers the very best in ground covering. Mulch will keep the soil cool and moist in the summer and make your landscape look more attractive and in the winter insulate and protect the roots of your trees and shrubs. Denny Wiggers Garden Center also provides mulch delivery and installation services. Learn more about Denny Wiggers natural premium mulch and mulch delivery service here. New Mulch Blends Are Now Available!


Denny Wiggers Garden Center carries a variety of premium topsoil for all for your garden needs. Screened topsoil is available as well as our new custom blends such as our DW Garden Blend Topsoil. Topsoil delivery and installation services are available. Learn more about premium topsoil, topsoil blends, and topsoil delivery service here.


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