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Impatiens Alert! As seen on Ch 9 with Denny Wiggers

For those that garden or even putter in the flower beds, there will be missing one of nature's most colorful annual.... the Impatiens. They are a favorite among those who have a lot of shade or part shade because they are so easy to grow. water and maybe a little nitrogen a vitamin booster and your beds of blooming color will last almost to the first frost.

Downy mildew, It is a mold. It doesn't sound dangerous but it is. It's is a fungus that first attacks the undersides of the petals then the leaves fall off and you are left with a stem which then withers. Downy Mildew actually has been around for years but has since gone rampant in the last three and has spread all over the United States, parts of Canada and into Europe.

Even if you do find your beloved Impatiens, your best bet is not to plant them. By doing so you are encouraging this disease to carry on and so far there is no cure and experts say to hold off for 3 years in order to rid of this disease.

BUT!!! there is a silver lining to this. Try a new flower! There are so many shade loving plants like coleus, New guinea impatiens, Begonias and Lobelia. Look into perennials and leafy colorful plants like polka dot.

You never know, you might find a new favorite!



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