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How Much Topsoil and Mulch Do I Need?

Use the steps below to guide you to the appropriate amount of topsoil or mulch that you will need for your project.

FACT: 1 cubic yard is equivalent to 27 cubic feet.

STEP 1 - Square Feet (Not CUBIC Feet)

To figure out how many square yards you will need, start by figuring out how many square feet you will need to cover.
To do this, measure the length and width of the spot in which you will be needing your mulch or topsoil.

Important: Use feet as your unit of measurement. If the location is not able to be measured in perfect feet, round the value up to the nearest foot.

Once you have those measurements, multiply the length measurement by the width measurement. This number is your square feet. Please note that this number is not cubic feet.

STEP 2 - Depth

Now that you have the area value for your spot, you will need to factor in your desired depth of topsoil or mulch.

The desired depth of how much of the product you will need depends on your project and preference. (If you ever need advice for how much depth is recommended, please call our Garden Center at 201-444-0155 and one of our experience staff members will be glad to assist you.)

Important: You must convert your desired depth into inches.

STEP 3 - Convert to Cubic Yards

First, you will need to multiply your Square Foot value by your Depth (in inches) value.

Then, take your new number and divide it by 324. Now you have your cubic feet measurement!


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