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Green Giant Arborvitae - Mother Nature's Privacy Screen

Dear DWGE,

I need advice on how to camouflage an area that I don't wish to see. My neighbor has the worst looking shed, and an eyesore that ruins any event that I have while using my back yard. My back yard faces south west and gets full sun from 1 pm till the end of day. What do you recommend?

R.L. in Ridgewood

Thulja Standishii x Plicata is the Latin name for the Green Giant Arborvitae. It is one of the most popular selling trees in the Northeast because of it's fast growth and naturally full evergreen foliage. It can grow anywhere from 1 foot to 3 feet a year with favorable conditions such as full sunlight and moist well drained soil (although can tolerate almost any soils). The natural pyramidal shape can be used ornamentally by itself or they can be set up in a row for an excellent privacy screen. Because of it's dense cypress type foliage, the coverage is optimal for windbreak. Green Giants are deer resistant. However, as all deer resistant plants, if the deer are hungry enough, they will eat anything, but for the most part they tend to leave them alone. I hope this helps you out and gives you the privacy and also the beauty of Mother Nature!

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Low Cost Garden Makeover

Dear DWGE,

I have a older home and would like to spruce up my yard. What can I do to give it some curb appeal but keep down costs?

Spruce up the berms and trees with mulch and now is the time think of doing it with spring around the corner. We tend to think about renewal of the year and ready to breath in fresh air and getting outside to perk up our yard. Putting mulch around your trees and shrubs will not only give your yard a "manicured" look on top  but it is extremely beneficial on the bottom. As the mulch breaks down it will add vitamins and nutrients to roots of your tree and shrubs and when 2-3" thick, it will insulate against the hot sun and keep the soil and roots nice and cool. In the winter mulch will insulate against the cold frigid winter. Learn more about our mulch here.

Starter Vegetable Garden

Dear DWGE,

In the summertime a lot of my neighbors share their vegetable bounty and I would love to be in on the party. As i have never gardened, what is the easiest vegetable to grow as my neighbors seem to be well versed in gardening.

Abby - Ridgewood, NJ

Dear Abby,

The easiest vegetable that I would recommend would be the tomato! Not a lot to invest in and can be grown in the ground or in containers. Since you are starting let's do a few containers and soon you will be in on the veggie socials. We have put together a Tomato DIY Project and some helpful tips for you and fellow beginner gardeners in our DIY project section.

Bald Spots on Lawn

Dear DWGE,

My front yard is a mess. Every year I chop up my lawn, throw down the grass seed and hay and still I have bald spots all around my lawn. What should I do?

Bald in Bergen County

Dear B in B,

Sounds like sod might be the way to go. Sod is easy to do and can be finished in a weekend. See the instructions in our article Sod - Nice & Easy and you will be the envy of the neighborhood!


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