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Denny Wiggers Fall Cleanup Tips

Lists, lists, lists! You know I always have my house journal always at hand and so just to remind you about your Fall Cleanup! So pull out the rake,trimmers and gloves and the wheelbarrow and let's get moving...

Start by pulling out all of the summer annuals and weeds that may have crept in. Any dead leaves, foliage and spent stems can be put in compost.

Mulch all beds. A thickness of 3 inches is optimal. 2 inches is good and anything less will wash away with fall rains or winter snow. You want to keep a "blanket" around the base of your trees and shrubs for the winter and when spring and summer arrives, your mulch will hold down the moisture.

The perennials need to be looked over and raked around the base.

Prune if necessary to promote new growth in the spring.

Shrubs and trees need a trim and cut back.

Mulch all around the bases of trees

Plant your spring bulbs.

Make a note where you plant them in journal

Mow your lawn for the last time and fertilize

Rake up leaves for compost or bag up

Pull out the firewood rack

Order firewood

Check fences and gates for repair or oil hinges and outdoor lighting fixture for new bulbs.

Check cable wires and electrical. make sure they are clear of tree branches. Call utility company. DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF.

Clear path of any debris

After you are done, relax and let old man winter do his thing and know that you are set for the winter! questions? Email us at and include DWGE/Maggie in subject line



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