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Gift Suggestions for Mothers, Fathers, and All of Your Favorite Gardeners

Giving gifts for Mothers day and Fathers day used to be so easy. A macaroni necklace for mom would yield squeals of delight and a paper tie for dad would get a broad smile and a pat on the back. That was great when you were 8 or 9 but now?

 As we get older it is the thought that matters so just as a nudge to get things going I have come up with a few ideas. Some that have gardening involved, some not.

 Start with a basket and and make it a compilation of things to match such as the first. Wrap in clear cellophane and a big fat bow to top it!

  • A wide brimmed gardening hat, a tube of SPF sunscreen, a nice rich and creamy hand cream. An assortment of gloves and a nail brush and a gift certificate to a nail salon.

  • Bird houses and feeders for the bird watchers.

  • A waterproof blue tooth speaker. Music to dig around in the dirt and answer cell phone hands free. Add an audio book app subscription to cell phone and you are a hero.

  • A good pruner is invaluable. Don’t cheap out and get inexpensive. Dull blades make working much harder and rough on the hands. Add gardening gloves and gardening tools.

  • House bound? A container fairy garden or dish garden is always welcomed.

  • A gardening journal and a good writing instrument. Take a few moments to inscribe a few thoughts about life or past remembrances. Pop in a few pictures will surprise them!

  • Gather a few herbs and vegetable plants for the cook in mind.

  • Rattan baskets filled to the brim with colorful annuals.

  • A paperback book along with a big palm tree! A tropical touch of being away but not away! Add a pitcher with Margarita mix and Margarita glasses voila! Instant vacation!

  • Hanging floral baskets give color and movement.

  • Plants that keep coming back year after year are perennials. A few dotted here and there always adds to the garden.

  • A big bouquet of mixed flowers to jazz up any room but most of all, Mom!

  • Add to the garden by using rocks, sculptures and water elements such as a bird bath.

Of course there is nothing like giving your time to them whether it be out to dinner or sitting in the back yard shooting the breeze or helping to clean out the garage or washing the dishes. They are priceless and You are priceless!

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