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Mulch - Your Property's Super Hero

How can something so simple as mulch be one of nature's hardest working material?

90% of mulch consists of ground-up trees. The other 10% is leaves, branches and natural materials such as pine needles and grass clippings.

The magic happens year-round. In the Spring, the mulch is a dressing that looks beautiful and neat around your berms and trees. In the Summertime, as the days get longer and summers heat starts to wear on your lawn and landscaping, your mulch is hard at work keeping the roots nice and cool and protected. Throughout the coming months, the mulch continues to work by breaking down the microorganisms and feeding your landscaping and getting ready for the Winter.

As your plants, trees, and shrubs start to go dormant everything slows down. Leaves start to drop, growth comes to a halt and energy below comes to a stop. Meanwhile, the mulch is still working. Protecting the roots like a blanket on top from snow and icy rain.

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