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Spring is here! Garden Refreshing

Whew! What a winter! I think everyone would agree that this winter WAS one for the books! We learned about a new meteorology term "The Arctic Vortex" and that Punxsutawney Pete was right! Who knew that an over fed ground hog could predict 6 more weeks of winter weather!? Let's start SPRING! Ahhhh get the winter outta here and dive right in! Take a good look around the house and yard and I know there is much to be done. Branches that have fallen, gutters to be re-wired and rake, sweep etc. But the best part is that we are outside in the fresh spring air. This is a good time to look at your garden beds and berms. winter takes it's toll on mulch and topsoil as it erodes with wind and rain runoff. (literally)! This might be a good time to add 1-2 inches of Garden Blend Topsoil to perk up those shrubs, trees and a fresh mulch to keep those roots nice and moist in the summer! Not only will the mulch be beneficial, it will make your yard more manicured and curb friendly! We can also do it for you! please call us for a quote for your spring clean up and mulch/topsoil installation Call Denny Wiggers Garden Center for your mulch delivery and Topsoil Delivery. 201-444-0155

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