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Transplanting Shrubs & Plants

May and June have come and gone and your shrubs that you planted a few years have gotten a bit taller and wider than you thought or perhaps for other reasons you want it moved to a different location or you are moving and it's a favorite of yours.

No problem. Transplanting step by step, I'll take you through from start to finish!

  • First, the best time to transplant is moderate temperatures and neither extreme of hot and cold or when dormant for less stress.
  • Early fall or late spring (now) provided that the soil is well drained of soggy soil from too much rain or frozen soil.
  • Most Flowering shrubs have by now have lost its blooms so this is optimal. Take rope and start from base of shrub and tie branches up as not to damage foliage or branches.
  • Make sure that where you have decided to move it, that it has the proper sunlight and soil conditions and room enough for expanded root growth.
  • Prune back branches
  • If moving within the yard and that same day, you can move it bare rooted taking as much of the “ball” of roots and soil. A few days prior to doing work thoroughly water shrub so that when you do the removal it will come out easier and not dry and crumbly. Place in wheelbarrow or large container as not to lose soil. If moving to another location other than your yard, you will need to burlap the ball (transportation only) as not to stress and jostle the root system keeping the ball of dirt as snug as possible.
  • If you are not going to plant immediately keep root ball (with or without burlap) moist by light spraying with water daily until planting time.
  • Dig a hole wide and deep enough. If amending soil, dig deeper for the extra soil. (Organic topsoil or manure mixed topsoil)
  • Set the shrub in hole. Tamp down soil by pressing lightly around the base. You may want to create a well (wall or ring of soil) so that when you do water it is concentrated to the center and not flowing away
  • Water shrub right away. Okay! Mission done! But don’t forget to water for 10 minutes each day for a week to get those roots settled in.
  • Extra tip! Mulch your plants! Keeps your plants moist in the summer and insulated in the winter.
  • Enjoy your summer and don’t forget to get dirty!

Do you have a favorite tree but it may be in the wrong spot or perhaps you are moving and this is a sentimental tree that was given to you? Denny Wiggers has the solution. "Big John" (The tree spade) can come to your home or business and dig out the tree, remove it and transplant it to another area call for QUOTES.

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