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Restaurant Firewood Intro


Learn More: Firewood

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Specialty Firewood with Denny Wiggers

Learn about the wide variety of specialty firewood Denny Wiggers Garden Center has to offer - from decorative birch logs to specially blended cooking woods.

Learn More: Specialty Firewood

Learn More: Firewood

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Creating a Draft in Your Fireplace with Denny Wiggers

Learn how to create a draft in your fireplace with kindling and newspaper. This simple tip will help warm the flue of your fireplace to carry the smoke up and out of your fireplace without causing smoke in your home.

How to Identify Poison Ivy with Denny Wiggers

With the many species of ivy and ivy impersonators, it can sometimes be difficult to identify poison ivy before it identifies you. Learn how to identify poison ivy on your property with this short video hosted by Denny Wiggers.

For more information about poison ivy on your property and Denny Wiggers poison ivy removal service, call 201-444-0155

Container Gardens with Denny Wiggers

Add character and style to your property - whether big or small - with container gardens. Learn the basis of container gardening as well as get some inspiration for your design with this video hosted by Denny Wiggers. Container gardens make great DIY projects for the whole family.

For more information or planning on taking on the project, visit Denny Wiggers Garden Center for plants and containers.



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