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Specialty firewood is available from Denny Wiggers Garden Center by request. From scented firewood to special sizes to fit smaller wood burning stoves - the variety is near endless and ever growing. If you are interested in specialty firewood from Denny Wiggers, please call the Garden Center in advanced to see availability 201-444-0155.

Specialty Firewood is available for pickup only.

apple wood chips

Premium Smokin' Apple Wood Chips

$4.50 - 2 lbs.

All Natural Apple Wood Chips for your grill! A delicious smoky apple flavor to add to your favorite dish. Use wet or dry to add a subtle apple or knock out smoky apple infused flavor. Apple chips are 100% renewable resource and only grown from orchard grown trees.

Free recipe and instructions included.

Packaged in a DW Signature Muslin Bag.

cherry wood chips

Premium Smokin' Cherry Wood Chips

$4.99 - 2 lbs.

All Natural Cherry Wood Chips for you grill and BBQ! The sweet cherry aroma will add a deep mellow flavor to your recipe or ours! Use wet or dry the flavor is so distinct that your guests will flip! Our Cherry orchards are pesticide free and chemical free and a 100% renewable resource product.

Free recipe and instructions included!

Packaged in a DW Signature Muslin Bag.

hickory wood chips

Premium Smokin' Hickory Wood Chips

$4.50 - 2 lbs.

All Natural Hickory Wood Chips to be used as to smoke your favorite meat or fish. Mild hickory smoke flavor will enhance any recipe. Bring on the pork chops or Dogs!

Free recipe and instructions included.

Packaged in a DW Signature Muslin Bag.

fat wood sticks

Fat Wood Sticks

$19.99 - 50 pieces

Fat Wood sticks are highly prized for their ability to start fires quickly because its resin enriched wood. The long leaf pine when cut down and milled for lumber, it is the stump that has all its thick resin saturated wood to be harvested and called "Fat wood"

An exclusive at Denny Wiggers online.

Signature packing.

kindling bundle

Bundle of Kindling

$14.95 - per bundle

2 Cu. ft. of premium dried white pine w/ pine sap to start your fire to a roaring blaze.

Each piece is hand cut and bundled the old fashioned way.

lil kins

Lil' Kins

$16.95 - per box

2 cu. ft. of our premium dried white pine but cut into smaller pieces.

Easier to handle

deluxe matches

Deluxe Matches

$5.99 - per tube of 40 matches

Lighting a fire with long wooden matches is so classic!

birch bundle

Birch Bundle

$19.95 - 6 pieces per bundle

6 pieces of Birch log ready to burn or just use as a decorative accent! Tied in natural twine this can be used on the go for a campfire or popped in the fireplace. Approx. 2 cu ft.



$19.95 - per bundle

Quartered Birch log pieces 2 cu ft. Use it for decorative purposes or start a fire. Tied with all natural jute 4 pieces per bundle 3 per order.


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