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Wood Pellets & Wood Pellet Delivery Service

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One of the most efficient ways to warm our home or office is a wood pellet stove. What is a wood pellet stove? It is a freestanding stove that burns wood pellets. The stove has an auger which self feeds the wood pellets, and it can warm a home on one 40 pound bag for 20 hours. The stove plugs into ordinary household outlet and when switched on is the same energy as 4 – 100 watt bulbs. The pellets consist of ground up sawdust and pressed into tiny pellets which are consistent in size. The sawdust comes from many sources such as furniture manufactures, lumber yards, and tree service providers. Wood pellets are made from materials which would normally go to waste. This makes wood pellets a great economical renewable energy! Denny Wiggers sells wood pellets all year long.

Did you know that wood pellets are a renewable energy source in heating and it's popularity is growing to huge proportions. Every year new pellet stoves are making their way as the modern way of heating! Architects are designing Northeast residences with pellet stoves as a clean and efficient way of heating homes without fuss and muss.

Denny Wiggers has a huge inventory of wood pellets and delivers to:
Bergen County
Passaic County
Rockland County

Located in Bergen county Denny Wiggers has wood pellets by the bag or ton.

For more information on wood pellets and Denny Wiggers wood pellet delivery service, please call 201-444-0155 for more information.

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