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Denny Wiggers bouquets are made with premium flowers and are made to order. Please call our florist at 201-444-0155 to discuss your requests or stop in to our florist at 387 Paramus Road, Paramus, NJ. Bouquets are available for pickup as well as delivery to certain areas. Please call to inquire.

All of our bouquets are as unique as the flowers within them.
Looking for something special you do not see below? Please Call.

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pots & Containers

Give your plants come added style and personality with one of our many pots and containers. From modern to rustic - small to large - be sure to visit our garden center in Paramus, NJ.

Outdoor decor

From bird houses to garden markets - our outdoor decor features small touches that will make a big difference.

Gardening Kits

Have a green thumb or enjoy adding your mark? Our garden kits allow you to do just that. From DIY project kits to DIY gift creations, be sure to browse our favorites as well as call for more information.

Birch Planters

Galvanized Planters

Rustic metal pots for an easy breezy look.

4 inch = 2.95 ea.


+ more information coming soon +

twig Planters

+ more information coming soon +

Burlap Planters

Rustic look with a patriotic accent.


+ more information coming soon +

Tea pot birdhouse

Blue ceramic Teapot. Enjoy your tea with a little bird watching!

$24.95 each

Rustic Barnwood bird house

Rustic Sky blue and white washed roof. Ready to hang.

$32.95 each


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