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Gravel, Stone, & Boulders from Denny Wiggers

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Denny Wiggers has now expanded his garden and landscape material line with stone and gravel! 3 yard minimum on all orders. Please call the garden center for pricing and delivery.

Installation is also available - Call for a custom quote!


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All pricing is subject to change.

Photos are note to scale. As with all natural products - color may vary.

Please note when we deliver mulch, topsoil, trees, shrubs, stone, and sod - Our trucks are big, heavy and wide. Anything beyond street curb, we are not responsible for any damages. If we are directed to go beyond curb, the homeowner is responsible.

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Like a rock. Because it is a rock.

When you think about what it means to be durable, you think of rock. It is an element that is as beautiful as it is tough.

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Boulders. Millions of years in the making.

No two are ever alike. The ultimate statement that will stand the test of time.

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Stone Delivery + Installation

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Denny Wiggers
Gravel & Stone

3/8 and 3/4 DW Red Stone Gravel

Please Call 201-444-0155 for Custom Quote.

This is a popular and classic landscaping stone and is used both residential and commercial applications. Also known as River Stone or Burgundy Stone. Beautiful as well as functional. Can be used for driveways and pathways as well as garden accent areas and pools. Great for drainage areas. 2" depth covers 100 sq. ft.

3/8 and 3/4 DW Crushed Blue Stone

Please Call 201-444-0155 for Custom Quote.

Blue / Grey in color this stone is extremely versatile. Can be used decoratively for pathways, driveways and gardens as a "working rock" it can be used for drainage, sub base or fill. 2" depth covers 100 sq. ft.

DW San Miquel River Stone

Please Call 201-444-0155 for Custom Quote.

Multi-shaped stones that varies in colors from grey, cream, maroons and beige brown. As varied the color is. so are the shapes. Can be used in rock gardens, paths, accent areas and pond areas. Aesthetically pleasing.

DW Jersey Shore Stone

Please Call 201-444-0155 for Custom Quote.

This IS the jersey shore's signature stone. No if's buts about it...when you see the golden to cream colored stones it conjures up images of NJ's sandy seashore. Used for full front yards, borders, and play areas. Known for its soft rounded appearance and golden color qualities, it's a "shore" thing!

3/8 DW Gravel

Please Call 201-444-0155 for Custom Quote.

Pea sized gravel for fill, drainage, parking lots and pathways. A general gravel filler and can also be used to mix into concrete.

DW Quarry Process

Please Call 201-444-0155 for Custom Quote.

A combo of gravel and stone dust. Used as a base or sub base for stone projects before stone is laid on top. Better than just stone dust 2" depth covers 100 sq. ft.

Denny Wiggers
Large Stone & Boulders

Blast Rock

Please Call 201-444-0155 for Custom Quote.

Blast Rock is exactly what it sounds like. Rock that has been blasted out from areas that have embedded rock so thick that you need dynamite it out in order run pipelines,water etc. These are natures natural pieces of art 'to grace your property and landscape. Settings of several can highlight an area that otherwise be overlooked.

Large Unique Boulders

Please Call 201-444-0155 for Custom Quote.

No two alike. In all shapes and sizes. Ask a Denny Wiggers landscaping expert on how to incorprate one of these big beauties in your next project and how to find the right one for you.

Denny Wiggers
Gravel, Stone, & Boulder Installation Service

Just like no two stones are alike, no stone installation is alike.

Please contact Denny Wiggers Garden Center for more information on our installation services.
Call 201-444-0155 and our expert staff will be glad to assist you.