Top – Soil

Top – Soil


Screened Topsoil: Screened Topsoil is an all purpose topsoil which is great for general landscaping and gardening projects.

Fine Screened Topsoil: Our fine screened topsoil is perfect for reseeding bare spots in your lawn or seeding those thin spots. Totally organic and made to order.

Garden Blend: Denny Wiggers Garden Blend Topsoil is back by demand! Our specialty Garden Blend Topsoil offers good drainage, 25% sand, and more than 50% decomposed manure. Try the locally made Garden Blend Topsoil your friends are talking about. Your plants will love you for it.

Ultra Garden Blend: Super nutrient-enriched garden blend soil. Rich dark organic humus mixed with topsoil and raked out 3 – 5″ inches will make a great base for all of your gardening needs. Why add laboratory chemically made additives to your vegetables that will be eaten by you when you can rake in organic matter.

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