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Lovely Lilac


Anyone who has a lilac bush will tell you of the unbelievable fragrance that wafts through the air when in bloom. Depending of the type, it can grow anywhere from 5-15 ft. and flower from late May to June and blooms can last up to 6 weeks of show time. Colors can range from white, red, blue, pink and the traditional purple. When cut, they are a show-stopper in vases by them selves or with other flowers.

cherry wood chips

$10.95 and up

A gift that comes back year after year after year! There's an expression "Dug and Done" meaning that when planted you don't have to mess with it and it comes back like a longtime friend! Come to the garden center and there is an abundance of perennials to choose from such as Astilbe with their feathery shoots, Coreopsis that have bright yellow daisy like blooms and Oberdam Grass a variegated green and white long grass shoots. Great as a focal or background shrub.

hickory wood chips
Hanging Floral Baskets

$16.95 and up

Generally we plant our flowers at ground level. Give drama and color that can be hung from the rafters! Bright reds and purples blues and whites, splashing from head to toe singing Spring! Abundance of floral baskets dripping with petunias, geraniums, begonias!

fat wood sticks

$4.95 each

Basil, rosemary and Thyme....hmmm there's a catchy tune! Peppermint, Oregano and Lavender are but a few herbs that you can give to your favorite chef! add a window sill container or basket will add to the charm and to be make it even more special add plant sticks!

kindling bundle
Summertime Annuals

$5.95 each and up

This is for the one who love getting right into the dirt! pick trays or pots of annuals. Mix and match colors or texture and add a basket or container. Add garden gloves and gardening tool set and you have a great gift to give.

lil kins
A Rock or Rocks

Price Varies

Yup a rock. A piece of nature right in the yard can give a home a signature design! Every rock has it's own character and texture that can be highlighted anywhere you want. Whether it be a "sitting" rock or an address boulder we have it! We also can customize it with engraving ( additional charge) and install.


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